New Website for FPBS Brings in a Lead for a $200k+ Project Within 48 Hours of Going Live

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Video Testimonial From Greg Messer – Owner 

The Problem

In our initial meeting with Greg & Kieran at Fixed Price Building Solutions, they mentioned how they did not want to show their current website to potential clients. It did not represent their business well at all, did not build trust, did not showcase their professional work in an easy-to-consume way, and overall worked against them when it came to getting clients.

Without having a place to send interested clients before or after their initial consultation, they were effectively losing business as they had no way to effectively showcase their experience and high-quality project work.

76% of all people look at a business’s website before deciding to contact them, and with choosing a home builder being such a costly decision to make – any referrals that FPBS received were left with a lacklustre impression based on the what they saw on the website. 

Not only this but the website form was constantly breaking – potentially losing them business from people that submitted the form!

Our Solution

We built a website that does an excellent job at building trust with potential clients, and that shows off all of their best work in an easy to navigate way, with different pages for top floor additions, new homes, granny flats, and extensions/renovations.

Now Fixed Price Building Solutions can confidently send any prospects to the website knowing that it acts like a 24/7 salesperson for their business, and that it does an amazing job at selling to clients.

Within 48 hours of going live, Fixed Price Building Solutions received an inquiry through their website’s project questionnaire form for a home extension!

The average home extension is between $200,000 – $400,000, which gives a potential 66x ROI on the cost of the new website! Within 48 hours of launch!

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